My First Post

Hello, I'm a new blogger. My name is, Andrew Lynch. I am a 11 year old from Reedsburg Wisconsin

    Today is Tuesday, January 9 2018. Last weekend, my friend, Olivea and I went to Christmas Mountain, in Wisconsin dells, Wisconsin.
First, we went Snow Tubing. It was so fun, except for the last bit of tubing. 15 feet from the top my tube came loose and i went down the hundred foot hill. 8 plastic hooks hit me in the back, and burnt my sweatshirt. I hit Olivea and some other girl, ran into a group of people, and went into the tubing lane.
After that we went on the ski/snowboard hill. I went to the top, and hit a jump! I landed it. My bother, Ethan went snowboarding with Olivea.  After that we went to Mulligins, the bar, and played some arcade games i won a minion plush.